Thursday, January 8

DIY Caesar Zeppeli Headband

Because I couldn't find any tutorials or ideas on making a Caesar Zeppeli headband and mine came out pretty good I'm gonna share what I did.

I asked on a Facebook with the video I'm linking below, how could I do something like it as it was impossible to do without a hairband or something sturdy underneath.
A belt was suggested and it worked perfectly!
I used 2 of these in the same width, cut one belt in 2 and glued it to the ends of the complete belt so it wouldn't be bulky near my forehead.

And I followed this tutorial on mute because I'm not really sure of the language, but it's do able by just watching, I did a short step by step with photos

Orange was the pink and purple was the black because it's darker, I used bias tape because it was the only matte thing I could get locally that had the colours I needed. I'm pretty sure I got 5.5 meters (550cm) of each colour the finished headband is roughtly measured as 2 meters (200cm) and I had a bit left over.

Sunday, April 20

Persona 4 x Simpsons "guess who likes you"

I was actually inpsired by this picture sent to me by Richie.

And when I saw it instantly thought of  

Tuesday, April 1

Persona 4 at Kaizoku Con 2014

Wow! I'm still kinda buzzing from the weekend that just passed. For their first con, Kaizoku did really well and I'm looking forward to next year already.

I was almost complete with my Chie from Persona 4 cosplay, I actually ran out of bias and only got the shoulder finished on the front stripe which thankfully nobody noticed / pointed out. Unfortunately I brought the wrong contact lenses which was kinda annoying! Next time.
I got a lot of positive comments on it, one from a gopher/staff saying I was "perfect" and "exactly like Chie" really kinda made it for me, was worried people wouldn't know me or not like my costume.
So here's some vain selfies. (Credit if sharing)

My Persona group kinda fell through but luckily I bumped into 2 friends who were Yu and Rise and another person who was Izanagi. Here's some photos, please link back to my blog if you're sharing them. I almost missed them so it was super lucky.

Johnny Yong Bosch and J. Michael Tatum were 2 of the best guests I have ever met, they're so attentive to fans, had the best humor and let's face it, absolutely gorgeous!
At the party after the con was over JYB hugged everyone goodbye, including our table, you could feel the fan girling inside *squee* <3
I'll be sending them a gift box soon because I really think they went beyond in being guests.

Here's JYB wearing the joke P4 glasses.

Here's me with JMT and JYB in my Lolita outfit,
check out my other blog for photos of that outfit @
JMT said I looked cute! >w<

The best part of the con overall had to be of course meeting my bffs Missie Chan and Liz even though they were working for most of it, anytime I had with them was so precious, Liz picked me up a frog charm, here it is along with some other things I got. The trader with the plushes was the best I ever met, if I get a name I'll put it would, would 100% recommend him.

Friday, March 21

+1, I Will Spread The Message That Anyone Can Cosplay

" I vow to never let anyone tell me that I can't cosplay. I will cosplay whatever character I want regardless of my appearance and I will rock that costume. 
And I will remember to love my body (and this video) ... and I will treat it with respect. "

Monday, March 17

Bodyline Costume410 Sailor Fuku Review

Since it's more cosplay related than fashion, I decided to put it on here.

I bought Costume410 in 7L
Blouse - Length 49cm, Bust 120cm, Shoulder length 43cm, Sleeve length 26.5cm
Skirt - Length 46cm, Waist 92-102cm

I needed to get the 7L for my waist, excuse the pun but it would be a waste to have a skirt that didn't fit ... in the waist.
So I thought I could downscale the top of the 7L.

To help judge the photos, I'm >110cm and >100cm just a bit, I'm also 158cm and like my wear my skirt higher up on my waist. Please excuse my work uniform, by the time I get back it's too dark and was in a bit of a rush. If anyone would like better photos please let me know.

The waist has a bit of shirring on each side so I had a bit of extra room.

I definately think it's worth the money, it's not that expensive and 7L is a pretty good size.
Quality is decent, it's a typical fuku, it's lighter than some more expensive ones I own.