Monday, March 10

Bodyline costume534 Maid Dress Review

I bought this last year in black and pink in advance of helping in the maid cafe again since last year I'd no outfit. I thought the black would be more useful since some Persona alt outfits are of maids and K-On characters have maid outs too, I'm sure there's a ton of other ones.

Anyway I got size 4L, priced at USD53
Dress - Length 88cm, Bust 110cm, Waist 98cm, Shoulder length 40cm, Sleeve length 63cm

I would say for sure it'll do 100cm waist, it fits a bit better now I'm just under the bust and waist measurements, I'm 158cm tall for height reference. There is no shirring and no stretch. IMO the lace was mess on this dress and I think it looks an awful lot smarter without it, see the photo below.

Here's some progress photos of the lace being removed, there's still some bits left on it, I have til the summer to fix it up though so not in a rush. The last one is the amount of lace that was removed.

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