Monday, March 17

Bodyline Costume410 Sailor Fuku Review

Since it's more cosplay related than fashion, I decided to put it on here.

I bought Costume410 in 7L
Blouse - Length 49cm, Bust 120cm, Shoulder length 43cm, Sleeve length 26.5cm
Skirt - Length 46cm, Waist 92-102cm

I needed to get the 7L for my waist, excuse the pun but it would be a waste to have a skirt that didn't fit ... in the waist.
So I thought I could downscale the top of the 7L.

To help judge the photos, I'm >110cm and >100cm just a bit, I'm also 158cm and like my wear my skirt higher up on my waist. Please excuse my work uniform, by the time I get back it's too dark and was in a bit of a rush. If anyone would like better photos please let me know.

The waist has a bit of shirring on each side so I had a bit of extra room.

I definately think it's worth the money, it's not that expensive and 7L is a pretty good size.
Quality is decent, it's a typical fuku, it's lighter than some more expensive ones I own.


  1. Thank you so much for your review!!! Your review answered all the questions I had about sizing for these seifukus! By the way it looks so cute on you! :3

    1. And thank you for commenting! I'm glad they were answered, I don't normally get feedback on things so am uber happy it helped, it encourages me to do more.
      Thank you for saying, it was just a quicky :3 I'd my work uniform under it, it's a bit big for me too.
      I'll get getting some better photos soon when I practice co ords for the KPP concert, if they're cute enough I'll post them here too.
      Thanks again. <3

    2. Thank you for this review! I took a chance and ordered 7L yesterday, but I took me a while to find this page. I heard horror stories about the sizing, but we're similar so I know it should fit me now. <3 :3 Please do more~

    3. You're very welcome Erica, glad to have helped. Some Bodyline sizing can be a bit odd, some fully shirred items are largely under sized for example
      I'll be doing another Bodyline review soon but of one of the newer Lolita jsks which I couldn't find any information on (that'll be on since it's Lolita).
      I did a maid outfit review from BL it might be worth checking out if we're a similar size

      I'll hopefully be posting more costume reviews here but they'll be toabao related.
      Thanks so much for your comment too, it's good to know it's appreciated and that you took the time to tell me.

    4. im a size 18-20 in US do you think this would fit ?

    5. We use UK and EU dress here so I couldn't say.
      I would hightly recommend measuring yourself to avoid disappointment if you're interested in buying anything online especially if the size choices arn't what you use normally in a shop