Tuesday, May 1

Android Game: Janken

I saw that someone appreciated my review of Kenkenpa, so I decided to do another one.

Which was brought out by Hangame (again) has a style similar to Rub Rabbits/Project Rub which I really like. The game is based on you (a guy) playing Rock - Paper - Scissors to get more dates with a girl, as the came progresses it gets more serious (it's better than grabbing at least). Hitting story mode shows the "Stage 1" and a light piece of music plays which I think is stunning. [Touch to continue] to go through dialogue (which I can't read).

Gameplay works like this: you start off with a choice of rock (blue), scissors (yellow) and paper (pink),

 The best choice here is rock, when you pick it counts down and "attack" will appear. To attack her with your heart, slide upwards to throw a heart at her, sometimes you can miss to try to keep it straight.

If you can't win, she hits you with something (stage 1 is a folded umbrella) and you'll start to sweat, but if you slide down you can put on a hard hat to protect yourself.

When you lose 3 lives, you get so sweaty it's game over, there's a continue but you'll lose your high score. You can also get game over from defending instead of attacking.

When you attack enough times and get 3 hearts you win!. You also get heart pieces.

The stages range change every so often, like to an office or subway and so do her outfits.

After playing and winning 3 times I passed stage 1


It's one of my favourite games on my phone, although not played it much since it was cleared it. The music is great in it even though the stage music is looped and the only other music is before the stage starts, which I used to leave on for ages. The only thing that annoyed me was if I turned off the game I had to start again from the beginning.

If you've any questions on this game, please feel free to ask.

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