Sunday, March 25

Android Game: Kenkenpa

Since it's late and my tummy's a bit funny, I may as well do what I said 3 posts ago.

The first android game I'm going to review is
Why? because it's one of the few games that's actually in English (lazy).

It's basically like hopscotch and DDR, you've to use your fingers to hit the circles as you hop up the street. Right now I'm in stage 3, not sure will I go further, really only did it for the blog, don't get the idea it's a bad game from that, read on! (more lazy).

It's a great game to have on your phone, you can play it for 5 minutes or a little bit more, but I didn't feel like playing it longer than that. It keeps a very childlike feel with the look of a blackboard and chalk which I think gives it a real charm. Controls are great too I love that it uses two fingers for the double jump and that there are other kinds of jumps too.

Of course in a rhythm game you need music and unfortunately it doesn't have a great selection. Stage 1's music was grand for having to hear it 4 times, as the stages go 1 - 1 to 1 - 4 with the same music. Stage 2's wasn't any better, it was just okay but definitely didn't like stage 3's at all and it put me off.
Some people might find the "keh"'s as you go along annoying but I find it helpful when I've played a stage before to kinda go along with it.

I'll get a video of me playing it soon.

Hopefully someone might have found this helpful. More Hangame reviews on the way.

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