Tuesday, January 28

Akumakon, Kaizoku Con and I just beat Persona 4 . . .

it only took 95.5 hours! (6_6) although there was a few times I left it on and went for my dinner.

Kaizoku Con is exactly 2 months away, it's in it's first year and based in Cork (UCC) with guest Johnny Yong Bosch [WIKI], who plays Yu Narukami and Tohru Adachi in Persona 4: The Animation. Hopefully there'll be a lot of Persona cosplayers going *fingers crossed*

Akumakon was just on 2 weekends ago and I went as Fuuka from Persona 3.
As usual it turned into a mad dash towards the end since "someone" hadn't picked out accommodation til the Monday before and I had assumed we wouldn't be going.

 I met some other Persona cosplayers too, a Rise, 2 x Yu Narukami, Akihiko and a Teddie (unfortunately I never found the Junpei cosplayer!). Personally I was happy enough it with it for a quick job, it had all the bits and pieces but never got any great photos so that kinda disappointed me. My bear themed lolita outfit on the other hand got a lot of good photos.

The special guests this year were Kaoru Wada Michihiko Suwa and Hirokatsu Kihara along with a few others.

They showed up some exclusive footage from the new Detective Conan x Lupin movie and some new anime being made by new comers (I really loved the witch one!). Afterwards there was a raffle held and I WON SOMETHING! I screamed so much I thought I was imagining things, they had so much to choose from like lots of Detective Conan merch, Tiger and Bunny merch but I saw this little Katamari box and I knew I'd cherish it. It's not easy to get Katamari merch and it "wasn't for sale" so I assume it came free with something or at an event, the page with it calls it "Katamari Tribute Original Box".Afterwards during the signing, I asked where he got it and thanked Hirokatsu Kihara where he got it but he couldn't remember, I explained I wanted to thank him for bringing it, afterwards I got Michihiko Suwa's autograph and Kaoru Wada gave me a handshake.
Later on I met Hirokatsu Kihara again who gave me a big high five, that's when I asked for the photo, he was so super friendly!

I bought a few things, a Balloon Fight keychain, 2 small cube straps and 2 plushes which I really shouldn't have buuut it's  Funghi AKA Nameko and Goma Chan (see my post about him here). They make me smile seeing them with my big Rilakkuma in the mornings.

Lucky Retr0gamer came had convinced me to go in the first place and he was SO lucky I actually found him a beige trench coat the day before Akumakon, just by accident in Enable Ireland.
He was cosplaying Dick Gumshoe from Phoenix Wright.

Speaking of Phoenix Wright, Tantalus did a Phoenix Wright play which was super amazing! It's also interactive. My favourite part was the confetti at the end. The costumes were out of this world especially Edgeworth. While everyone in it did a fantastic job my favourite characters / actors would have to be Gumshoe, I loved the voice he put on and he's followed closely by Ms Oldbag who did a fantastic job.

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