Thursday, April 25

Day 20 – Favorite genre.

Anyone could have written this post for me.

Survival Horror!
So many of my favourite games are belong to this genre, Siren, Rule of Rose or Haunting Ground. Ghosts stories are one of my favourite things as well which is why I love Project Zero / Fatal Frame games.

Some games I love but not enough to be my favourites would be Obscure and Lone Survivor.

Even some of the badly done ones like Calling (should play more, so funny with the chubby ghost), it's always great fun to me or were for awhile like Clocktower (amazing boss battles).
Some games I've yet to play like Sweet Home, Kuon, Juon The Grudge or the ones I'd like to play the most, Nanashi no Game and Ikenie no Yoru (which can use the motion board).

When I play this kinda game, it reminds me of ...  you know when someone is gonna catch you (I get like this on stairs, if someone's running up behind me) and in your mind it's like "ah they're gonna catch me!" and get a fright but at the same time you're laughing and get excited.
I screech when someone's with me playing these kinda games but on my own I seem to be fine.


  1. Great choice! I've never played Siren, mind you, but I've always wanted to. Anyway, I also love this genre, even if I have a hard time playing the games myself (I prefer to watch someone else play them).

    1. If you're not picky about playing stuff in order, just play Siren 2 :p. They fixed the 2nd Siren up a lot and you have a choice of Japanese voices (which really improves it IMO) and replaying cleared stages, I played 2nd one first and it's very hard to go back to Siren 1 after it.

      It depends on the game if I can watch, Resi or Silent Hill, yeah no problem ... Fatal Frame not a chance, would take the controller "I'mma show you how it's done!" lol.