Monday, April 29

Kirby’s Adventure Painting [Updated 30/04/2013]

Here's the original that I took from:

So here's a kinda step by step on how I painted Kirby, you'd think he'd be quite easy. just a pink ball with red shoes. Getting the right size and roundness is actually hard and for some reason it was hard to get a gradient for his shoes, think it was the paints fault.

After I thought I finished painting, I did an outline in marker, a bit of a cheat but I honestly haven't the steadiness in my hands. Later I did the white and blue in his eyes which took longer than expected. The stars also became a problem and was the 2nd longest thing to do, the yellow was turning green due to the background and had to do them white.
Then the yellow was too pale but eventually got it so the shade of golden yellow I liked.

So here's the finished product, took 2 nights.
The top one was taken at night, the bottom during the day (colors are so much better)

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