Thursday, October 11

My Horror-a-thon [1]

Halloween is on the way and it's my favourite time of year! 

Not because of dressing up, ghosts and scary decorations everywhere but everyone's watching or playing something scary, it's that time when I feel like I've more in common with everyone else.
There's a few people I know and have seen online having a 'Horrorthon' to play as many horror games as they can during October or just finish one completely. Normally I wouldn't since I play them all the time but will have a Horror-a-thon (horrothon, just doesn't sound right, have to put in the a) this year and just try play as much as I can between Persona 3 and Animal Crossing lol.

So I'll update maybe in a week or two.




Calling, it's made by Hudson if you missed all that on the cover. I've seen some playthroughs on YouTube and it looks hilarious (actually have the Wii on now, waiting to play it). The three ghosts in the school remind me of  The Ghostly Trio - Fatso, Stinky, and Stretch.
So this will definitely be played without fail. I've been waiting ages to see how bad it is and "borrowed" my sister's nunchuk since it's required for this game.

Looking at the options I'm happy to see there's a choice between Japanese or English voices and the wii remote can be the phone or it can be the speakers.


Clocktower 3 feels different to Haunting Ground somehow, I can't put my finger on it, like the animation or controls. It's been months since I've played Clock Tower, it was at a friend's house and got about an hour into it (dem cans!).

Haunting Ground I've played and completed with the Dog Lovers Ending, it's almost like it was made for me.


Rule of Rose and Forbidden Siren 2 will most likely be played but just to finish them, I've already cleared Siren 2 but my game got corrupted 2 items from 100% archive and RoR I played in Retr0's house last year but didn't finish.

I would strongly recommend both of these, unless you're one of those people that has to play 1 before 2 even if the story isn't linked, then play Forbidden Siren 1 instead, Siren 2 is definitely so much more improved.


Unsure if TЯAPT could be considered horror, I would consider it to be. 
It's a short game and it's almost like I'm afraid to finish it, enjoying going back and starting over again and again.My favourite thing to use in this game would be the Man Eating Music Box, it's just so creepy and am big into music boxes. 
Maybe during this month I'll actually decide to finish it to the end.



  1. Ah, you're my kind of gamer, and person, Sera! Sadly, despite my love of both Halloween and scary games (and movies), I've yet to play any of the games mentioned here. I've wanted to play the Siren games Rule of the Rose for some time, though. Maybe I'll use this post as inspiration :)

    BTW, where did the image at the top of this post come from? Is it from a particular game?

    1. You're too kind, really.

      Well I've not played Calling yet so don't feel too bad and only an hour of Clock Tower. Siren is my favourite really, I think it's scary/0weird and love how they did the faces.
      RoR is stunning, dat music! but the way battles go, it's the worst you definitely need patience for it. Since my save file is gone we can have a race! lol

      The image at the top isn't from anything, I robbed it from a blog, she used to do Weeaboo Stories, going by the notes this seems to be the OP but I have a similar gif which isn't on that Tumblr (I'm using it on my next post)

  2. I'm still trudging through Siren 2, it's longer than I expected but I like it a lot better than Siren 1, thanks for the recommendation! Try not to knock over too many cans in clock tower 3 like last time :)

    1. It's in the next post coming up about the cans, makes me laugh every time, gonna throw it on in a bit I think. Siren 2 is so much better than 1, very hard to go backwards like I did, should probally have said above too, too lazy to change it