Saturday, October 13

Horror-a-thon - GCCX / Not Playing


If you want to watch someone else playing games, of course I'm going to say GCCX!

 Episode #53 Clock Tower: The First Fear

I "have" it but haven't tried to play it yet and little experience with the Clocktower series.
Clocktower 3 and anyone who was with me got a great laugh, there's cans everywhere that if you know over, let the enemy find you and everytime I was near them "Sera! Sera! there's cans there, don't knock the cans" "where are they?" *knocks the cans*, after awhile I knocked them on purpose.

Episoder #133 - Night of the Sickle Weasels

AKA Kamaitachi no Yoru, it was a sound novel developed by Chunsoft and became available on the Virtual Console in February, 2007 for 800 Wii Points.There was a GBA and Playstation ports of this but of course it's played on the SNES in GCCX. I really enjoyed this and actually found it scary lol and didn't expect all the different endings.

Clocktower is Sunsoft (who I know for making Hebereke no Popūn) and NotSW is Chunsoft, I always get them mixed up (>n<)



Fatal Frame/Project Zero is also a big recommendation but won't be playing it anytime soon as I'm stuck on the last boss in Fatal Frame 3 :/
Fatal Frame 2 was my favourite of the trilogy, it seems to have everything in and had the right length too. While Project Zero 3 I find the most scary and really enjoy being able to walk around the house between chapters.

 Something else I really wanted to play was Ikenie no Yoru. I don't know much about it but was so excited when I saw the trailer! It came out in Japan last year but wasn't released in English, so will need a patch for it.You can also use the motion board for this but I'm not sure for what.

Unfortunately there isn't much going on with the patch so I don't think it'll be played this Halloween. It's being made by members of Beyond The Camera's Lens who were behind the patch for Fatal Frame IV afaik.

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