Sunday, July 28

Top 5 Animal Crossing Neighbours

It's a bit late to go into too much detail on why I like living near these guys in Animal Crossing, just wanted to make a quick post.

5# - Goldie
Who was in my town the same time as Cookie, although not as fun. She gave me the most gifts out of anyone in the town and they were always great stuff, anything I didn't use would sell for a decent amount.

4# - Stitches
I loved how child like the style of his house was. Another villager who had moved that made me loose interest. I'm not sure but I think he was my neighbour in Wild World rather than City Folk (which I played the most). He's also lazy like me lol.

3# - Drift

Normally I don't like Jock villagers, but Drift was super fun to have around. He's my first and so far only frog neighbour (fingers crossed I'll get more).
I loved that he said "brah" all the time, it was so funny. He moved before Cookie did if I remember right.


2# - Cookie

Cookie was my favourite villager until I got New Leaf. I played a lot of City Folk after getting sick earlier in the year but quickly lost interest once she had left.
She was a dog which is always good and the things she said made me giggle.
Lately a friend linked me to a story about his first crush and Cookie, so I feel a bit awkward saying I liked her.


*Drum Roll*

1# - Flurry
Without a doubt is my favourite neighbour, taking the top spot from Cookie.
She makes me smile every time I talk to her, her little tune, how she says things, her little blue eybrows (>w<).
I noticed when there's an event and everyone claps, her arms don't actually touch, I dunno if her arms are too small or she's too chubby but it's mega cute. She's the only villager to visit my house most days and I'd be devastated without her.

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