Thursday, April 4

Day 10 – Best gameplay.

The Mother Series

For some reason, this was really hard to write, maybe it was the long gap from the last post.

I must admit, haven't played that much of Mother 1 but from what I've played it was enjoyable.
Gameplay means less to me than the story, games like Rule of Rose with awful combat is still enjoyable for me because of the story. To pick something for this, I just thought of a game I played, where I never got annoyed by it and would say the Mother series is that.
Not once did battles or backtracking seem like a chore and the story was kinda simple that it doesn't sway me that much. The music definitely helped as they all have fantastic soundtracks, like with M1 and Pollyanna plays in a loop but it's great because I sing along while going from place to place (like SA2 and City Escape).

I know it's worse writing than usual but hopefully the next post will be better.

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