Monday, February 18

Retr0gamers Handmade DQ Slime

I can post this now that he's FINALLY got what my homemade Dragon Quest Slime.

A big thanks to eevee-no-sakura for the pattern to make the slime and a few extra tips, you can see her original posts [here] and please give credit where it is due, she was very helpful.

I bought a meter of fleece from my local haberdashery/sewing shop and used the pattern on eevee-no-sakura's page.

It's pretty easy since it's only 4 pieces, sewn together and turned inside out, I left a hole in the bottom because it's easier to hide. The size of the slime actually took so much stuffing and ran out, using beads at the bottom to try keep him steady.

The main trouble I had was the facial features, originally they were to be embroidered but had never done it before and of course lead to trouble. In the end I opted for some iron on patchs which turned out SO well, much better than expected or could have done with felt.

Here's the finished product

Retr0's pretty happy with it (I hope, with all the effort I put into it!) and here's his photo from Facebook <3

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