Friday, February 1

Day 2 – Your favorite character.

The first time I did 30DoVG, Rydia was character chosen for this but trying not to do too many days the same twice. 

Sonic The Hedgehog
Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know, modern Sonic is absolutely awful (but Sonic 06 making fantastic Game Grumps episodes) and the fandom is mostly kinda creepy... anyway ...
Sonic is just a massive part of my life, it's hard to explain what about him would make him an idol to me as a child, compared to other cartoons like XMen or Gargoyles.

Watching The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog as a young child is where it started with my best friend who is still a Sonic fan (as is one of my other childhood best friends). My dream was to become an animator because of that and make a cartoon to rival Sonic which sounds kinda silly now.

Favourite games in order: S3&K > SA2B > Sonic 2 > Sonic Triple Trouble > Sonic Advance 1 > Sonc Advance 2 > Sonic Adventure > Sonic Chaos > Sonic Blast > Sonic 1

Not only had I the games and watched the TV series, but collected Sonic the Comic until it went out of business.

I talked about most of this in the Sonic podcast I did with but it hasn't been uploaded yet >: .

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