Thursday, November 17

A selection of sprite art (Pokémon, Earthbound, Scott Pilgram)

This is my latest Pokémon sprite using the new ones from Pokémon Black/White
hoping maybe to do a few more, it's kinda fun.
One of my friends asked me to make him a "ginger vampire" lmao.
That so called Ginger Vampire has a youtube channel - pontyfaxjr! He does "Let's Play"s with a Shannon accent.

Other than trainer sprites, I did a few VS. sprites
it's Atavan Halen (, my boyfriend and myself.


I recoloured a Paula sprite, added some extras myself, not bad for my first try at an Earthbound sprite, the feet do really annoy me! (Argh!)
Mr Saturn tells me I need slumber and I say yes to him.



I finally got around to a Scott Pilgram sprite. It's my first try like the Earthbound and wasn't a complete success but a good try I have to admit. Maybe I'll try it again sometime.

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