Tuesday, June 11

Birthday Post 2013

It was my birthday last week and it was super sunny! Hooray!
I had been hooing and haaing about rather to get a PS3 or a 3DS, so I went with the cheaper option, since what I got in birthday money covered it.
I found a second hand White XL in town but it was parental locked, we'd a great laugh trying to guess their dog's name to reset it, but eventually contacted Nintendo via chat (since phone lines don't work on weekends, thanks to John for fixing it).

Retr0gamer picked me up Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward which I had wanted after finishing 999 about 2 weeks ago, I was told it was an improvement on the story and made more sense than it's prequel. He also got me Tales of the Abyss, I've never played any of the Tales games but still very happy with it (and the sweets that came with it onomnomnomnom).

I picked up Denpa Men myself and preordered Animal Crossing New Leaf so something to look forward to.

I had been playing a lot of Animal Crossing on the Wii lately, so I was playing it on my birthday, but played so much I was changing days so I was 5 days ahead.

On my birthday IRL, a frog hat came into the shop, it was like a birthday present, super happy to have it! <3

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