Friday, April 19

Day 18 – Favorite protagonist.

A lot of protagonists are from games picked already, so trying to get some variety into this and wasn't sure if the character would have to be playable either.

Mackenzie (US, EU) Rina Ozawa (JP)

So I picked Mackenzie from Touch Detective, a game that I really love to bits.
She's the most normal character in the game, but it's her inner dialogue that really makes me like her, her thoughts are so honest and it's sometimes so funny.

She also has a book filled with things she touches called the Touch List (so creative!), items are given a category, feeling, a rating out of 5 stars and a short description.
I too have a like of touching things, like a certain person's stubble but hate certain feels like stuff out of the dishwasher. It's fun to see what she likes the feel of and compare it to myself.

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