Saturday, April 13

Day 17 – Favorite antagonist.

It's hard to pick, some choices were major spoilers.

Just listen to his theme song, it's the orchestra version from Gyakuten Meets Orchestra, just so smooth. When Miles Edgeworth wasn't the antagonist I was really "ugh" with other characters until Godot came along, if he wasn't in T&T I wouldn't have liked it as much.
This is from when you first meet him early on in the game (so no spoilers).
Godot: I'm Godot. Legendary prosecutor. I've never lost a case.
Judge: Yes, your reputation precedes you. What kind of cases have you dealt with so far?
Godot: Ha...! None.
Judge: What did you say...?
Godot: I've never prosecuted a case before.
Judge: N-Never? But you said you've never lost before.
Godot: ...Exactly. I've never lost. I've never won before either.

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