Tuesday, April 23

Day 13 – A game you’ve played more than five times.

Whoops! A day got skipped.


I remember buying Nights into Dreams out of the money my Godmother gave me when she was home from the UK, actually it was first game I bought myself and probably the only game bought for my Saturn (I got like 8/9 games with it).

It was the perfect game for me at that age, all about dreams and beating up nightmares. There was these little angels in it called Nightopians, they're so cute and loved when they called out (they're Chao from Sonic), they laid eggs and you could hatch them while going through a stage (or kill by accident doing a circle >: ), I figured out if you hit an enemy off the eggs you got these super crazy hybirds! Things like that kept me playing, it has great re playability.

I played it day in day out because the neighbours kids were bugging me, can't even count how many times I finished it but definitely way more than 5.

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