Thursday, April 18

2 x Games - Fishing and Kissing

These both came this morning, Legend of the River King (mad about it since seeing it on GameCenter CX) and Chulip (check out The Gay Gamer's post on it) which a friend had shown me years ago.
It's strange I got RK from the UK and Chulip from the US and they took almost the same amount of time.


  1. Awesome! I'll look forward to hearing your thoughts on Chulip. I really enjoyed what I played of it, although I've yet to finish it :( Just be warned that it's weird. Very, very weird...

    1. I'm all about anything that's weird! Will have to get Retr0gamer to help me get it working so looking forward to it. Engrossed in Apollo Justice for the time being.

    2. I'll have to set up my PC to get to transfer games to HD since my other one is broken but it will be a good excuse to since I'll need it myself. It wasn't too hard to do from what I remember. Really want those two games myself!

    3. What was broken? the HDD since I was over last or was it that weird thing it was doing.
      If you've to do it yourself it'd be great :3 I'll think of some stuff to get onto it.
      River King was up at decent prices when I looked and no one bid against me, so hopefully it'll still be that price when you get the money, can't say that about Chulip though, you said it was hard to find.