Tuesday, February 12

Day 6 – Most annoying character.

For Day 6 the last time I picked Captain America in MvsC2, what a complete ghowl!

Not only can I pick 1 character and say it's the most annoying, I got tonsilitus too so wasn't up to writing.
After so much thinking, there are a few characters that are annoying but stages or certain things stick with me more than an actual character. So I'll just pick a few and do a small bit on them and in no particular order

Sgt. James Byrd from Spyro 3
Theme music was awful, didn't ever enjoy any of his levels.

Peekoe from Chibi Robo
Ugh! Dat voice! It wreaked my head, along with Plankbead he talked way too much and having an annoying voice made it so much worse.

Yukari from Persona 3

I love P3 and Yukari isn't really a bad character, it just annoyed me during social links how hard to please she was.
Wendy Oldbag & Lotta Hard - Phoenix Wright
I get that they're meant to be annoying, Oldbag more than Lotta, but dreaded seeing them, 
thankfully there isn't much of them in the 3rd game <3

Akira Shimura - Forbidden Siren
I just can't do the sniping levels, that's enough.

Stroller Grandma - Project Zero 3
Instakill most of the time! Sometimes it's great because it's super scary but when you're trying to go somewhere to save after loads of work, unforgivable.

Everyone - Silent Hill 4
I'm not even going there...

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