Sunday, February 3

Day 3 – A game that is underrated.

It's hard to pick, went through my games and there's a few I feel are underrated...


k7 is usually an easy find and cheap, usually costing about a fiver (€5). In saying that, more people own it than have finished it (based on the fact I've never got to talk about the ending with anyone), some people rage quit over controls or just simple forget about it / don't like it. If you don't finish it, you don't see all of what the game has to offer, to me that makes it underrated. Maybe it's so cheap, people don't feel like they've to make it worth it, "it only cost a fiver" and put it on the backlog shelf.
When I cleared it blew me away and it's one of my favourite games, not just because of cell shading, it always makes things look stunning IMO.

The characters are what I like the most about it, they're all different and crazy (like Harman who "appears as an elderly wheelchair bound man in a black suit, with an armor piercing rifle behind him.") but there's usually a meaning with them like Iwazaru (roughly meaning Speak No Evil) who wears a red gimp suits and always has shush hand gesture. My favourite NPC is Suzie the severed head, [video from the 1st stage] who tells all these disturbing stories about violence and mental illness with Japanese emotes in the creepy almost Hatsune Mikuesque voice.

The music in it is fantastic, most people know Rave On that's played before every boss but there's tons of other pieces of music in the game which are as good as as it like Sweet Blue Flag or Blackburn.

I'll finish with mentioning my 2 favourite cutscenes - the boss at the end of Angel and The Handsome Men! <3 could watch those a million times over.

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