Monday, January 28

Retro Game Challenge 2 - English Translation [update on 25 Jan]

I wonder ... if there's a way to share posts from Tumblr, or get it connected to this for sharing posts...
This will do for now.

"Thought I’d mention here that I just posted an update for the Retro Game Challenge 2 fan translation project, check it out right here."

For anyone on Blogger wanting to keep up with the translation, there's an RSS link you can use to follow both the Kacho ON! tumblr and rgc2.


  1. It's good news. XSeed said they paid three times as much to license the original game in an interview today and the sales meant they barely broke even on the first game. It's a shame more people didn't buy the first one :(

    1. Arino said himself on one of the trips he was hoping the 2nd game would be brought out in English. I've no idea why more people didn't buy it. Zari-Gani is helping now and does some of the subs for episodes so hopefully it'll help it move along since she's good at it and episodes come out often