Wednesday, January 30

Day 1 – Very First Video Game

30 Days of Video Games OP

Day 1 – Very First Video Game
My memory is good enough, but the timing always seems to be wrong, so I'll just pick one...
Although I remember messing about on my brother's C64, can't remember what was even on the screen.
Street Fighter 2

Our cousin got a SNES at some stage and SF2 (which one, no idea). Him my brother would play and they were always good to include me in most things even though there was a 10+ year gap between them and me.
Chun Li being the only girl meant I HAD to pick her, she was just so cool! While they would pick Zangief or Guile (my brother thought Guile was so cool, he wanted to be him).
Playing SF with them is a fond memory for me.

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