Thursday, October 18

My Horror-a-thon [2]


Game Over

It's Game Over for playng Clocktower 3 during my Horror-a-thon. It started out so well, in my first night playing it, got to where I left out the last time playing it. The next night faced a boss battle which are really cool in this and onto to the next area and then another boss.
After this it just started getting silly, played it anyway until I got to the hospital part and haven't gone back to it since, it just feels like a bit of a joke now. Honestly I'm heartbroken.


Update: Lucky for me there's still a save from playing it last time and just continued on without starting again like I usually do.Where I am not in the game seems much longer than remembered and chapter 7 took 3/4 levels. So it won't be too short, hopefully. Stopped after playing the side story for chaper 8, the story is getting really interesting. Unsure if I've mentioned how much I enjoy the Japanese voice acting but it's really amazing.


Since Clock Tower 3 didn't work out, I tried out Lone Survivor [trailer], which I got in Humble Bundle V and if you didn't get it then, it's still available on Steam for €9.99. Last night I got about 15 minutes into it and am really enjoying it, there's loads of atmosphere, the "monsters" remind of me ReDead in LoZ (which really used to scare me). Controls are okay but there's a few things I'm not used to and have to keep checking up on.
The visual style to me is very appealing, like an 8bit/TV scanlines, the lighting is also done very well so looking forward to more.
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    1. nope, it was the part of the rocking horse that had a fit but made the same noise as the cans and it really got silly