Wednesday, October 31

Horrorathon [3]

It's Halloween evening here.
And I ran out of gorey sprites (TnT ) they're hard to find!


Since the last post I got to play 3 new games instead of going back to other stuff.
Finishing Phoenix Wright 2 was mostly what I was doing lol.

I finally got to play Calling after all my waiting and honestly it's not as bad as I imaged. Playing it first in English since the dub is a bit silly but then changed over to Japanese. The school girl ghosts are just ridiculous in either language though. Unfortunately the school announcements were made in Japanese and not subtitled, they might not have been informative but it was kinda annoying.
I would like to give it another go sometime, it's kinda cheesy but not that bad.


Retr0gamer had suggested me playing this on Sunday night. I had seen trailers of it before and had a vague idea what it was about and gameplay.
Getting stuck 5 minutes in was very annoying since I missed the flask on the first seat. About 30 minutes in got stuck again and had absolutely no idea what to do. The parts where I wasn't stuck were good but would prefer to play with a FAQ in hand.


Retr0gamer had also told me about this game, I knew nothing about it only it was a horror game for the NDS, didn't see any trailers or anything.
This is the best new game I've played over Halloween. It plays like Eye of the Beholder on the Snes (< that's the first game I played with that style) when you're walking around but in rooms it's like a point and click, with you being able to look and touch things. when you touch some times you get a choice of direction as well, like pull or push, left or right. It's mostly explained in the tutorial.
There's tons of different traps that are set out randomly, really random, I moved a book and got needles shot at me, the main character then explains in detail what happened, you don't see what happens since it's all first person.
I've only played an hour in but it's really enjoyable and I hope it stays this good.

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