Saturday, June 9

Retro Heart: Birthday Post

It was my birthday on Thursday.

My mam had asked me what did I want for my birthday. Of course I flip flopped, a new TV (since my dad took mine weeks before), no a Wii!
But being the best mam ever I ended up with both. Luckily someone was selling a 2nd hand telly and Gamestop had lowered the price of the Wii to €62 and my siblings chipped in for it too.


While we were out for the day in Galway, we had to check Gamestop. They'd the Nights: Journey of Dreams for €3.99, I'm a bit sceptical about playing it though. There's a ton of Gamecube games there I haven't touched to keep me busy too.

My bff Vinny got me this GIANT Rilakkuma plush too.

Not really a birthday present, but I bought a sealed PAL copy of Kuon that arrived on my birthday which I think is worth a mention.


  1. Belated Happy B-day. I share your suss on Nights Wii, I've heard it's supposed to be a downer on the original.

    1. <3 awh thanks! you're so good!
      Glad I'm not the only one, nothing could beat the original (it's one of my favourite games). But I'm willing to give it a chance, plus it was cheap and I'd a disc to check the drive with too.