Monday, December 26

Christmas Post (VG version)

Since my other blog already has a Christmas post I thought I'd make a video game version of it for here.


The bestest boyfriend ever Retr0gamer, got me a modded Saturn for Christmas! (thanks so much again <3)So I was playing Christmas Nights again this year, last year I played with Retr0.

The presents I got for him have a post here


My BFF Lunar got me this bag (since it's VG related)

One's Arcade and Retro we had a Secret Santa and our Pokémaniac got me this:

(thanks again!) maybe some might go into a snowglobe.
I posted this off as my  Mario Themed (except for the card) Secret Santie present, made that cute little hama bead [?] box to go with it and thought it came out pretty cool (hope he enjoyed it :3).


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