Friday, November 18

Golf de Shoubu da Dorabochan

(have to say first, I'm awful at writing but still wanted to make a little blog post about this game)

Super Naxat Open ~ Golf de Shoubu da! Dorabochan or スーパーナグザットオープン ゴルフで勝負だ!どらぼっちゃん (thanks to
Sports games are down there with 'war games' but this is one is actually loads of fun. There wasn't a video on youtube so I made one with just the opening screen and the demos when you don't press start.

You can see the game menu above Naxat or ??? Open, Continue, Options, Stroke or Match play, afterwards when you're ready you pick how many players and holes,???, ??? and sound.

Finally you get to the character select.

The first character is Dorabo chan himself, who's in other games but I haven't played them myself yet and not sure if all the other characters are in games too. They each have their own stats as you can see on the right.

When you take a shot you can see your chosen character's reaction in the bottom left of the screen, like if you get the bunker they'll cry. 

There's a button (could be X) you can press to be able to fly around the map to see what's ahead of you.

If you chose, what I've now called ??? Open, you not only get to pick your character but your caddy as well, when you press start they give you advice or they're having a chat? I dunno.
she could be talking about Head & Shoulders?

Afterwards you meet this guy who asks you to pick what kinda course you'd like to play, he comes again at the end to give you your score too.

Another thing about this ??? Open is you get cards to use, like power up cards, it's been a long time since I tried that mode and the cards so I'll have to get back to what kinda cards there are.


It's one of those games that I'm always coming back to and enjoying it every time. It's colourful, loads of characters, great music, more people should give it a go, unless you've something like golfphobia.


  1. This game was surprisingly fun. Always found golf,just like ice hockey translates really well to videogames for some reason.

  2. Well some of them I find can be like Lee Carvello's Putting Challenge, "would you like to try again? you selected no" but I'd play this a few times a week nearly. Sometime soon I'll do a post about the Dodgeball games